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We offer a wide range of camera carrying four-wheelers. From small electric carts to power induced sports cars, from 43cm low trailers to 25m high cranes.

Our team provides planning, rigging, driving, and camera setup. We also produce custom rigging solutions in our own workshop.

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We build custom rigging systems, tailered to the needs of your project. Our projects so far included object, people, car, truck, train, and helicopter mountings.

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In combination with our stationary and mountable cranes we can reach any position and allow for the most creative shots.

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We offer various special effects like weather effects (rain, snow, ice, wind and fog), technical effects (pneumatic and hydraulic effects, fire effects, water effects, cracker fog, bullet holes) as well as custom solutions.


Stunt coordination and execution of stunts, precision driving and accident simulation. Various specialists such as acrobats, climbers, racers, etc. are used for this purpose. Safety and professionalism is paramount!

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Andreas Bössner

His motorcycle career kickstarted the move from speedway to SFX with Willi Neuner in 1998.

In the beginning the main focus was on motorcycle stunts and precision driving. With the step into self-employment in 2000 the field of activities expanded. Meanwhile there are numerous projects for cinema, television and advertising.

Our team

Together with a talented team of grips, mechanics, drivers, camera operators, drone operators, post production technicians, and a generally inventive spirit we create rigging solutions for over 20 years.

With our own lot of camera cars, cranes, and drones, we can offer the full range of dynamic filming in a safe environment.


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Andreas Bössner
Rübenplatz 4, 2454 Trautmannsdorf an der Leitha
Telefon: +43 676 534 15 99
E-mail: office@ab-sfx.com
UID: ATU6002290

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